Digital Marketing Strategy Tools
Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Make Your Vision Reality

Digital Marketing Strategy

You will need a Digital Marketing Strategy to set your goals and define the digital marketing channels that are most suitable for your business. To help you make sense of all this, we provide a few free digital marketing strategy tools.

These easy to use digital marketing tools will help you crunch numbers that are vital to keep track off, pre-select digital marketing channels that you probably should focus on.

And ultimately, these digital marketing plan tools will enable you to take that giant step forward, from planning into action. We all know that investment in marketing is required to become successful. But equally, at 8 Digital Marketing we understand that it can be tough to know where to start. The tools will make it easier.

Free Digital Marketing Channel Assessment Tool

Learn which Digital Marketing Channels will work well for your business!

The first question to ask yourself before you start investing in Digital Marketing, is "what digital marketing channels are most suitable for my business, given (1) my industry, (2) my products and services, (3) the competition in the market?".

This tool scores your business on a few dimensions and provides a strong indication of the channels and digital marketing activities you should prioritise.

Check the tool out now and set up the basics of your digital marketing plan. It's 100% Free of charge.

Free Digital Marketing Budget Tool

Learn how to set your digital marketing budget strategically, by linking desired outcomes to revenue and profit expectations!

You can utilise this tool to calculate your marketing budget on the basis of a specific cost per acquisition target and your revenue goals.

It then proceeds to calculate the gross margin added. To do this it uses the gross margin added by each customer, minus the cost of customer acquisition.

Again, it's 100% Free of charge!

Free Online Advertising ROI Calculator

The Digital Advertising ROI Calculator helps you calculate what you can expect from online advertising in terms of revenue and profit, given your online marketing and Costs per Click (CPC). This tool will provice you with realistic expections before you start with Online Ads.

Setting and dicussing ROI expectations is also valuable when talking to digital marketing agencies. If they do not take these into consideration they are probably not the right agency for you.

Yep, again 100% Free of charge.