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The question for most -if not all- businesses is how to get their brand and website seen by people who are searching online for their products and services. The best and most direct way of doing this is with PPC Management (also known as Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Advertising). PPC or Pay-per-Click Perth campaigns are online advertising campaigns that are hyper-targeted.

The best part? A successful PPC campaign is available to you from just AU$ 190 per month!!

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) / Pay Per Click

Receive highly targeted traffic based on keywords with buying intent and on the current location of search engine users.

People use search engines every day to find the services and products that your business offers.

Reaching those people with advertising through channels such as Bing, Google, Yahoo and others is an excellent idea.

Keyword Driven

Target specific keywords with buyers intent.


Advertise to search engine users, based on their location.



Optimise your campaigns for Cost-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Action.

Professionally Managed.

Continuous monitoring and improvement.

Great Offers & Ads

Ads & offers that are directly phrased to appeal to potential clients.

Landing Pages that Convert

Responsive landing pages that convert leads into clients.

How Your Business Benefits from PPC Services.

Whereas SEO as a traffic generation strategy usually takes a while to deliver reliable results, PPC Ads are easily set up and deliver traffic immediately. As a result, you can drive qualified leads to your website and landing pages within hours or days instead of months. We’re talking qualified leads because the search engines allow you to specify your targeting very narrowly.

So if someone actively searches online for products and services you offer, they have already qualified themselves as a potential lead, and it becomes a matter of convincing them to become your client. This is why small businesses love to work with us as their PPC Management Company. As part of our digital advertising services, we can work as your Google Adwords Agency or as your Bing Ads Agency.

All in all, pay-per-click advertising is the most solid traffic strategy in today’s online world. Thus a critical element in any online marketing strategy. Our digital marketers can design and develop campaigns for you that are highly targeted, cost-effective and convert leads into clients. 8 Digital’s PPC Management Perth turn your website in an asset that delivers.

Custom SEA Strategy

Google Ads, Bing Ads? Our starting point is a customised PPC Management Strategy to get you the best results.

Grow Your Revenue

Pay-per-Click campaigns are geared to targeting people with an interest or searching for your products or services.

Grow Your Client List

Expand your leads- and client lists quickly with effective campaigns.

What you can expect from 8 Digital PPC Advertisement Campaigns

With 8Digital’s PPC Management Perth, among which you can include Google Adwords and Bing Ads, as well as Social Media Advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. We will help you increase the number of leads, clients and -off-course- your revenue.

PPC Strategy

The PPC strategy is very client specific and depends on several factors. These factors include the type and category of products and services. For instance; travel, education, memberships and social movements or hobbyist topics sell well through Social Media Advertising. Moreover, the general rule is, the more niche – the better!

On the other end of the spectrum; business and industrial services, consumer products and services will do well with PPC based search engine campaigns such as Google Ads, (formerly known as Google Adwords), Bing Ads and Yahoo Gemini.

As part of developing an effective PPC Strategy for your business, our PPC Consultants will research your company and the products and services you provide.

Landing Pages

PPC campaigns work best when the traffic gets directed to a specially designed landing page, instead of a generic website page. A successful landing page distinguishes itself from a regular webpage by the following features:

1. The landing page has only one singular goal, and everything on the page is geared to have the lead fulfil that one singular goal.

Goals in itself may differ; it could be a sign-up to an e-mail marketing campaign, to engage in a free trial of software, download an e-book, or to request an online quote.

2. The landing page doesn’t contain any other links to other pages of the website, apart from the link that leads deeper into the funnel (in other words, fulfils the singular goal discussed above).

3. The landing page can be tested and optimised, and used for researching your value proposition and marketing message. Any website page can be subjected to split-testing and optimisation, but landing pages are especially suitable for this. You can distribute your PPC traffic evenly to each version of your landing page, and discover which version has the best conversion rate (from visitor to lead and ultimately from lead to paying client).

Once you know the optimal marketing message, you can use that in your PPC Ads as well as your other website pages.

PPC Management prioritising revenue growth

Our PPC Consultants have a deep understanding of PPC Management, but also of business and financial management. We know like no-other that for a company to be successful, you need to start with the end goal in mind. So while internet marketing is essential, we need to take into consideration its costs and effectiveness. As a result, we always set up campaigns in such a way that you will end up profiting from our PPC Ads and services. Its rationalisation can be based on:

1. Projected costs per conversion [projected conversion rate of the landing page] x [costs-per-click]

2. Projected marketing costs per new client [projected conversion rate of the sales funnel] x [costs-per-click]

3. Marketing costs as a percentage of the average lifetime value of the customer [average lifetime value of the cusomer] / [[projected conversion rate of the sales funnel] x [costs-per-click]].

Conversion Rate Optimisation

As part of any digital marketing campaign it is important to monitor [and often improve] the landing pages and websites’ conversion rates. The benefit of doing so is two-fold. First of all, doing conversion rate optimisation will increase the conversion of leads into clients. Thereby lowering your cost per lead. Second, conversion rate optimisation has an SEO advantage, ultimately bringing more organic traffic to your website. As part of our PPC Services, the consultants assigned to your business can liaise with in-house web design and landing page experts to further improve your website, if and when required.

What 8 Digital can do for you

PPC Management and Search Engine Optimisation are essential to grow your brand and presence online. Our team of Digital Marketing Experts help businesses build exceptional reputations, brands and revenue streams through PPC, SEO, E-mail Marketing and Website Development.

Specialised Team

Our Digital Marketing specialists act as a team that’s part of your business.

Business Growth

Increase your visibility, rankings, traffic and revenue with our SEO Services and PPC Marketing.

Exceptional Marketing

Professional digital marketing including SEO, PPC and Reputation Management that gets positive results.

PPC Packages, 100% tailored to your business.

Receive a quote based on to the needs of your business. Select, combine or discard different options.

Why Choose 8Digital as your PPC Agency?

Our PPC Services directly impact your number 1 asset, your website. That’s why you need a serious partner, one that has consistently achieved outstanding results in targeted traffic for our clients. We will deliver the same impressive results for your company.

You’ll get:

» A dedicated PPC Specialist

» Clear pricing

» Month-to-month reporting

» Flexibility – No lock-in contracts

» Transparency – We won’t over optimise

» Measurable results

PPC Packages

Grow Your Company with Qualified Leads and Traffic that Converts, starting from

$ 190 /Month
Pay Monthly
Choose and Combine Platforms (ie Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
As many Add Groups and Ads as needed
Dedicated Landing / Opt-In Page (includes split testing)
E-mail Marketing setup
Creative Content Copywriting

Specialised PPC Campaigns by 8 Digital go a long way to improve the bottom line.

8 Digital Marketing is an online marketing company offering a complete suite of solutions. Next to PPC Management, we offer online Lead Generation, Content Marketing, Social Media Monitoring and Marketing, E-mail Marketing and SEO services. We work with different companies across different industries and sectors, including not-for-profit organizations. We prefer working with Small Businesses as our added value can make a significant contribution there and positively touches the lives of the families involved. Our PPC Consultants always seek the most cost-effective solution for you whether you’re by focussing on lifetime customer value and cost per conversion.

Digital Marketing Perth

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