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Have your website ranking on page 1 for the most valuable keywords, so you can attract organic search engine traffic without paying for clicks. High organic listings in search engine results inspire a lot of trust and confidence in buyers. 8 Digital Marketing is an SEO Company that can help your business reach Top 3 rankings for the most relevant keywords in your industry. Attract potential customers to your website by creating the content they are looking for and making sure it gets found in Google.

You likely understand what SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is. SEO is necessary for your website to gain higher rankings in search engines. But it is much more than that! Organic SEO combines many components of website optimisation such as content, website structure and coding, keywords, internal and external links, backlinks and more. SEO provides high quality, free traffic to your website, by optimising your website for on-page and off-page ranking signals to qualify for valuable keywords and search queries.

For maximum success online, unlock the true potential of your digital marketing efforts with SEO. That is possible only when you collaborate with SEO experts or an SEO Agency such as ours. You need a team that understands all the technical bits of SEO — both on-page and off-page. But SEO consultants should do more than that. Our SEO consultants are always on the lookout to optimise the visitor's user experience. User experience is influenced through website design and content & copy writing that shifts visitors into buy-readiness and enthusiasm.

8 Digital Marketing is a full-service SEO company where you can obtain impressive results with high ROI. Our services are designed to maximise unpaid traffic from relevant searches. We have an experienced team of SEO experts who prioritise your online goals and the demands of your target audience. That way, we always have impressed with our ability to deliver results. We do that for businesses who require high rankings in nationwide search results as well as businesses who focus on Local SEO Perth.

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Our SEO Services experts provide Search Engine Optimisation for all search engines including Google and Bing, for Greater Perth & Australia based businesses. 8 Digital Marketing is a result-focused SEO agency. We have a significant impact on our clients and their businesses. For a recent client we have helped to increase revenue by 300% from AU$ 30K in Q1 FY 18-19 to AU$ 90K in Q1 FY 19-20. If you want similar results, partner up with us and we will not disappoint you. Right at this moment, people are searching on Google for services and products that you have to offer. If they can’t find your business, then you’re missing out.

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FAQ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

1What is SEO?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Its goal is to increase the quantity and quality of unpaid traffic through search engines queries.

We help businesses achieve this by focusing on the search engine ranking signals and factors for websites.

Local SEO Perth is very similar to generic SEO. Its main point of difference is that Local SEO Perth focuses on increasing the quantity and quality of local search engine traffic, within a specific geographical area. Often this geographical area is where the business is based and where its clients reside.

2Is Search Engine Optimisation Expensive?

SEO is an involved practice which requires technical coding skills, understanding of semantics and the world of Search Engines. Generally speaking, it takes longer to get good results with SEO than with Search Engine Advertising. The flip side of that coin, is that SEO results, once obtained, have a lasting impact. SEO can have a long lasting, positive impact, once good results are obtained. Another positive is that Organic Search Engine Listings generally convert better than Online Ads.

Get in touch today to learn more about search engine optimisation. And find out if this strategy -or others- are best suited to your business goals.

3How long does it take to rank on the 1st page of Google and Bing?

We help clients in the Greater Perth area, plus a few international clients, to optimise their websites and landing pages for Organic Search Engine Traffic.

How much time it will take for us to help you rank on the 1st page of Google and Bing, really depends on the competiveness of within the industry your in (locally or nationally), as well as the quality, content, copy and depth of of your website.

We have achieved ranking our clients on page 1 of Google within 2 months. Generally through we would advise on a minimum 4 months period to rank on page 1 for new clients.

When you want to maximise the benefits of your marketing budget, get in touch today.

4Can I combine SEO with other Digital Marketing services?

Yes, it's an excellent idea to include different services in your custom digital marketing strategy.

You will often get a better return on investment (ROI) if you focus on multiple area's. Think about combining SEO, Google Ads and Remarketing. Or Social Media Ads and Remarketing. With Google or Facebook Remarketing you can actively advertise to people who have previously visited your website or pages.

Another strategy that may be useful for your business is to focus on maximising the number and quality of the social reviews you receive online.

Social Media Marketing is popular as it provides an entirely different way of reaching out to potential customers. Whether this strategy is for you, depends on your products and services, as well as your target audience. LinkedIn is a great place to start for B2B businesses, and Facebook generally does well for B2C.

Other strategies that you may want to consider are e-mail marketing, or (Facebook) Messenger Bots and Marketing.

5How do I find out if SEO is for me?

The easiest way to find out if Search Engine Advertising is for you, is to get in touch with us!

Note that we will not offer you our services if we do not feel you will not have a strong return on investment, both monetary and in time.

6Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

We offer you a 100% Risk-Free guarantee.

You have 30 days to try out our services. IF for any reason you're not satisfied you can e-mail our support team ([email protected]), and we'll issue a prompt and full refund. There's only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren't happy with our services, so we have a chance to make it better. That's what we call Risk Free.

What do you get with our SEO service?

1. Technical SEO

Our technical SEO service takes care of the crawling, indexing and ranking health of your website. We audit your website to find any issues with its loading speed, code optimisation, crawling permissions from search engines and others. This check-up ensures the fundamental SEO health of your site.

Our technical SEO services cover:

Site speed evaluation

Mobile performance

Broken internal links

Crawling and indexing

2. Keyword research

Keywords are the most prominent supporter in helping search engines understand your web page and its purpose. Our keyword research techniques involve advanced tools and manual evaluations. We find keyword opportunities relevant to your purpose and target market.

When researching keywords, we consider thes following factors:

User intent




We identify niche keywords with low hanging fruit and keywords that are responsible for the highest level of traffic volume. A combination that works in getting you better results, faster.

3. On-site optimisation

Even after finding the right keywords and search phrases, you can't just randomly put them anywhere on your web pages. The most effective on-site optimisation focuses on semantic similarities and broader topic coverage to justify the placement of keywords. We make sure that your site is optimised with keywords and search phrases that are most valuable to your business and attract the most traffic.

Along with that, our experts select the best places on a web page to place keywords and conduct other optimisation steps. It ensures that your site starts receiving relevant positions for all targeted keywords.

Our on-site optimisation covers:

Header tags

Alt tags

Titles and descriptions

Internal linking

Site architecture

4. Content strategy

Content is important when it comes to marketing your business online. We give paramount importance to your core business' messaging, brand personality and consumer expectations to define a perfect content strategy.

The holistic content strategy ensures maximum exposure in search engines while targeting for the acquisition of potential customers in high volume. We provide a diverse range of traffic generation strategies through content generation, such as:


External blog posts

Press releases

Content calendar

Social media

5. Link building

Link building is essential for your website to convey authority and trust to Google and other search engines. When other trusted sites link to your website, it increases your authority in the respective domain or industry.

We create and deploy link building strategies using a variety of helpful tools to receive only high-quality backlinks for sustainable results.

Our link building strategy involves:

Competitor analysis

Broken links

Unlinked mentions

Link-building campaigns

Guest blogging

Disavow link file management

PR integration

Why choose us?

At 8 Digital, we continually refine our SEO recipe and ingredients to match the changing appetite of Google. We grow with the digital market, which helps your business stay on top of the updates and trends.

With us, you will have:

Highly qualified and experienced SEO specialists

Transparent pricing, regular reports and visible processes

Measurable and tangible results for your business

Comprehensive SEO approach for sustainable results

Attain a competitive edge for your website! Contact our leading SEO service agency to discuss your online objectives and SEO needs.

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