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Google My Business (GMB) optimisation is essential for every local business. With an appropriately optimised GMB listing, you will rank for the Local Finder Pack. You'll want to be listed as high as possible in the Local Finder Pack. Every search query related to local businesses, services or products will return a Local Finder Pack that lists companies most relevant to the search query. Showing up in the Local Finder Pack is the difference between nill people visiting your website or physical store, or attracting people in droves.

At 8 Digital Marketing, we help businesses to optimise their GMB profiles. This helps them to show up in the Local Finder Pack. And maximise foot traffic and website visits.

Why your business requires Google My Business optimisation services

When you are running a local business, your online visibility and reputation is a priority. Your business growth and revenue depend on it. A 'Local Businesses' can be any business. As long as it defines its primary market within a specific geographical area. This would include restaurants and retail shops, personal services businesses and professional services businesses.

Google My Business (or GMB) should be an integral part of your Local SEO strategy for your business. The integration of Google Search with the Local Finder Pack and Google Maps helps you to be found all over Google. This will help your business to attract even more customers. While there are many online directories for local companies, GMB is the most popular. It generates 80 per cent of the local search traffic to websites.

It's easy to see why Google My Business is so important to include in your online marketing strategy. If you do not rank for the Local Finder Pack at all, you are missing out on traffic and new leads. But it's never too late, even if you do not yet have a GMB listing. We can help you rank for the Local Finder Pack and double to even triple your traffic and revenues with Google My Business optimisation.

How GMB Grows Your Business

Google My Business Packages

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Our Local SEO experts provide Google My Business Optimisation for businesses across Greater Perth & Australia. If people can’t find your business, then you’re missing out.

Google My Business Expert

NOW $385per month (incl GST)

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Pay monthly - No contracts - Ultra flexible

Optimisation for 5 to 8 Keyword & Search Queries

Google My Business signals; Service Area & Business Categories

E-mail Support 7 Days A Week

Google My Business Premium

NOW $495per month (incl GST)

Bespoke Optimisation

All benefits from GMB Expert, plus:

Business with Multiple Locations

Up to 20 Keyword Phrases Optimised

Online Social Review Management Platform

Content & Copywriting

Competitor GMB Tracking and Reporting

Our Guarantee: We will rank your Google My Business Profile for selected keywords within 3 months, or we will work for free until we do.

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FAQ Google My Business

1Is Google My Business optimisation expensive?

It is a relatively affordable Local SEO strategy that has a high Return on Investment, compared with other advertising services. GMB is and will be a key strategy going forward, in a digitalising and online world. Another positive is that organic search engine results are known to convert visitors into clients, better than online ads.

Get in touch today to learn more about Google My Business optimisation. And find out if this strategy -or others- are best suited to your business goals.

2How long does it take to rank high in the Local Finder Pack?

How much time it will take for us to rank you high in the Local Finder Pack with Google My Business really depends on the competiveness within the industry you're in and your geographical location.

When you want to maximise the benefits of your marketing budget, get in touch today.

3Can I combine GMB with other Digital Marketing services?

Yes, it's an excellent idea to include different services in your custom digital marketing strategy.

You will often get a better return on investment (ROI) if you focus on multiple area's. Think about combining Local SEO & Google My Business, Google Ads and Remarketing. Or Social Media Ads and Remarketing.

We can also help you maximise the number and quality of the social reviews you receive online.

4How do I find out if Google My Business is for me?

If you have a business that depends on local traffic, local enquiries and local advertising to generate revenue, Google My Business and Local SEO is for you!

5How can I keep track of the progress of optimising the GMB listing
Yes you can. We can either provide you with a monthly report or provide you access to an online dashboard in which it clearly shows you the status of our progress.
6Can I somehow inspect the quality of my GMB lisiting?
Yes, you can! You can request a free evaluation of your Google My Business listing. Please go to the bottom and select the appropriate option and we'll have it ready for you within a day.
7Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

We offer you a 100% Risk-Free guarantee.

You have 30 days to try out our services. IF for any reason you're not satisfied you can e-mail our support team ([email protected]), and we'll issue a prompt and full refund. There's only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren't happy with our services, so we have a chance to make it better. That's what we call Risk Free.

What do you get with our Google My Business service?

Improve your Google My Business listing for more traffic

At 8 Digital Marketing, we specialise in local SEO. Our qualified and experienced Local SEO specialists will help you review and optimise your Google My Business profile.

Our Review and Optimisation Process for GMB accounts is as follows:

1. Understanding your business

The first step is to understand your business, the services and products that you offer. We will prepare a complete review, including the area's that you service and the applicable keywords that you would like to rank for.

2. We review your Google My Business listing against:

a) Google My Business signals, such as proximity, categories of services and products, number of keywords in the business title.

b) Link signals, including anchor texts, domain authority & quantity of linking domains to your website.

c) Social Review signals such as the number of and diversity of social reviews (across different platforms).

d) On-Page signals such as the presence of your NAP (Name, Address and Phone number), the Keywords in the titles and your domain authority.

e) Citation signals such as the presence of your business on local directories. And the consistency of your NAP and details.

f) Behavioural signals, such as click-through-rate, mobile clicks to call and check-ins.

g) Personalisation of your GMB listing and website.

h) Social signals, such as the engagement on Google, Facebook and Twitter.

3. We implement an optimisation process to address and improve all the required area's.

4. Once the basics are in place, a continuous improvement process will help establish your business as the leader in the Local Finder Pack, through:

a) Key features of Google My Business

Your GMB profile provides several features to help you stand out. Top-notch features on Google My Business include Insights, Descriptions, Services, Posts, Messaging, Bookings and Reviews.

b) Converting Copy & Content

We help you make the best use of the GMB profile by writing engaging copy and content.

c) Google Reviews & Reputation Management

Reviews are everything for your local business. Google Reviews are especially important. They have an impact on your sales and rankings. As part of our services, we can offer you access to a platform to request and manage social reviews. Our online system helps you to achieve positive reviews while avoiding negative reviews whenever we can. We support you with problem-solving whenever required.

d) Conversion Boosting with Google Posts

We incorporate Google Posts in our strategy to increase your business' visibility with engaging, short blogs. We can write regular news updates, publish specific details of a product or make people aware of end-of-year sales. Our strategy for Google Posts has a proven record of increasing conversions for local businesses.

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Maximise your GMB presence with 8 Digital Marketing

At 8 Digital Marketing, we have an incredible success rate with Google My Business optimisation. Our experienced SEO experts have the technical knowledge and proven techniques to bring all the opportunities you desire from Google My Business.
Targeted traffic on your website
Higher level of online visibility
Local leads
Improved reputation
Strong local citation profile
Geographically targeted SEO
High visibility on Google Maps
Ongoing performance tracking
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We are successful in delivering local SEO results for all kinds of companies across various industries and niches. Contact us today to get the most out of your online presence!

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