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The SEO landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years. Google understood that many search queries reflect the search for a local supplier, business, product or service. The more local and closer to the search engine user, the better. Google has since put considerable efforts into enhancing it's search engine algorithms to prioritise local search results.

Local SEO is excellent news for businesses in Perth. Now you can focus on dominating the Local SEO results within your niche or industry and within your locality. You do not need to compete with the whole country, state or Greater Perth any longer!

The necessity to dominate the local search results is apparent. The only thing that stands in your way of actually doing so is the technical nature of search engine algorithms, website coding, content and off-page SEO such as citations.

This is where our local SEO experts come in to help you out. We will put your business front and centre of the people in the geographical area that you are targeting. Our services work with all major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo GoGoDuck and more!

We provide you with a holistic local SEO approach, with a focus on the technical aspects as well as the contextual and content aspects of SEO. Our Local SEO services will drastically increase the number of conversions from your website.

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Our Local SEO experts provide Search Engine Optimisation for all search engines including Google and Bing, for Greater Perth & Australia based businesses. Right at this moment, people are searching on Google for services and products that you have to offer. If they can’t find your business, then you’re missing out.

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1What is Local SEO?

Local SEO focuses on improving the visibility of your website and business for search queries that have a strong local component.

Search engines have a good understanding of the intent behind a search query. If that intent relates to finding a local business or service, search engines prioritise local search results.

Generic SEO focuses on improving the visibility of a website on a national or global level. Local SEO and generic SEO have many similar strategies.

Choosing which type of SEO you need is generally straight forward. If you are a business with a strong focus on attracting clients within the geographical area in which you have an office, you would do well to focus on Local SEO. Businesses that offer services nationally or globally would do well to focus on generic SEO, or more often, a combination of Local and generic SEO.

2Is Local SEO Expensive?

Local SEO has a lasting impact on your business. It is a relatively affordable SEO strategy that has a high Return on Investment, compared with other advertising services. Local SEO is and will be a key strategy going forward, in a digitalising and online world. Another positive is that organic search engine results are known to convert visitors into clients, better than online ads.

Get in touch today to learn more about local SEO. And find out if this strategy -or others- are best suited to your business goals.

3How long does it take to rank on the 1st page of Google and Bing?

How much time it will take for us to help you rank on the 1st page of Google and Bing, really depends on the competiveness within the industry you're in (locally or nationally), as well as the quality, content, copy and depth of of your website.

We have achieved ranking our clients on page 1 of Google within 2 months. Generally through we would advise on a minimum 4 months period to rank on page 1 for new clients.

When you want to maximise the benefits of your marketing budget, get in touch today.

4Can I combine Local SEO with other Digital Marketing services?

Yes, it's an excellent idea to include different services in your custom digital marketing strategy.

You will often get a better return on investment (ROI) if you focus on multiple area's. Think about combining Local SEO, Google Ads and Remarketing. Or Social Media Ads and Remarketing. With Google or Facebook Remarketing you can actively advertise to people who have previously visited your website or pages.

Another strategy that may be useful for your business is to focus on maximising the number and quality of the social reviews you receive online.

Social Media Marketing is popular as it provides an entirely different way of reaching out to potential customers. Whether this strategy is for you, depends on your products and services, as well as your target audience. LinkedIn is a great place to start for B2B businesses, and Facebook generally does well for B2C.

Other strategies that you may want to consider are e-mail marketing, or (Facebook) Messenger Bots.

5How do I find out if Local SEO is for me?

If you have a business that depends on local traffic, local enquiries and local advertising to generate revenue, Local SEO is for you!

6Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

We offer you a 100% Risk-Free guarantee.

You have 30 days to try out our services. IF for any reason you're not satisfied you can e-mail our support team ([email protected]), and we'll issue a prompt and full refund. There's only ONE condition: Please tell us the main reason you weren't happy with our services, so we have a chance to make it better. That's what we call Risk Free.

What do you get with our Local SEO service?

1. Technical Local SEO

Our technical Local SEO service takes care of the crawling, indexing and ranking health of your website. We audit your website to find any issues with its loading speed, code optimisation, crawling permissions from search engines and others. This check-up ensures the fundamental SEO health of your site. We also review the website's structure, its content and graphics for Local SEO. Targetting various geographic regions where you deliver your services is possible with multiple location-specific pages.

Our technical Local SEO covers:

Site speed evaluation
Mobile performance
Broken internal links
Website structure
Keyword placement
Header tags
Alt tags
Titles and descriptions
Internal linking
Geo tags
Crawling and indexing

2. On-page SEO

We provide optimised content for local SEO for your website, containing descriptive terms and keywords. We have qualified and experienced copywriters to create engaging content, matching search queries and keywords used by your target audiences. This ensures long-term SEO success for your local business.

Keywords are the most prominent supporter in helping search engines understand your web page and its purpose. Our keyword research techniques involve advanced tools and manual evaluations. We find keyword opportunities relevant to your purpose and target market.

When researching keywords, we consider these following factors:

User intent

We identify niche keywords that are considered "low hanging fruit" and keywords that are responsible for the highest level of traffic volume. A combination that works in getting you better results, faster.

3. Citations building

Our Local SEO consultants manually conduct citation building efforts to ensure the consistency of your business name, phone number, address, and website across citation services and directories. We cover all major local online directories in Perth and Australia to make your business rank on page 1 in all relevant local searches.

4. Link building

Obtaining high-quality backlinks from local sources helps your site to look trustworthy. We choose reliable sources to curate top-quality backlinks for your website with our proven methods. At the same time, our SEO consultants audit your link profile from time to time to remove low-quality backlinks.

5. Google My Business

We provide Google My Business optimisation services to help you get high visibility with Google Search and Google Maps for your primary keywords and queries. We can help you update your Google My Business page weekly with relevant photos, content, products, and specific offers for clients and followers.

6. Reputation management

Your online social reviews have an enormous impact on the quality of your leads and how they perceive your brand, products and services. Your reputation has always been important, and they directly impact the likelihood of your leads to convert into clients. We can help you build and manage your reputation and brand online, across the internet, with automated review software.

7. Schema markup

The coding language Schema is microdata that informs search engines about your business, products and services as well as your locality and service areas. Its correct implementation helps Google, Bing and Yahoo to understand your business and web pages. It improves your site's rankings on relevant SERPs.

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With our holistic approach to local SEO, you will receive impressive benefits:

Targeted traffic on your website
Higher level of online visibility
Local leads
Improved reputation
Strong local citation profile
Geographically targeted SEO
High visibility on Google Maps
Ongoing performance tracking
24/7 Local SEO Expert support
And a lot more!

We are successful in delivering local SEO results for all kinds of companies across various industries and niches. Contact us today to get the most out of your online presence!

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